Take a bite of Tone Liv’s Superhero Sandwich

Tone Liv – “The Mayor Special” mp3

In a last-rapper-standing epic of cinematic proportions, Tone Liv employs a soulful hard rock loop for the soundtrack to his lyrical marauding. No MC is left standing. And a good time was had by all. “The Mayor Special” from “Superhero Sandwiches” on, what else, Domination Recordings.

Tone Liv
“The Mayor Special” (mp3)
from “Superhero Sandwiches”
(Domination Recording, LLC)

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Blackdrum & Moam’s sublime “2012”

Blackdrum & Moam – “2012” mp3

2012, 2012. Apocalypse, end of the world blah blah blah, meteors crashing into earth and all that, I’m over it! Remember Y2K? 1984? Seems every few years we have an end of the world deal – ancient prophesies, people freaking out. Kind of amusing really. And don’t get me wrong, I think we need to look after our lovely planet and stop abusing her so. But as far as some definitive, catastrophic moment, I think it’s a cop out to even think that way. The deal is, we get to stay here, live in the world we make, that’s our instant karma. And we can all do our bit to make our stay here a bit nicer for ourselves and our fellow critters. To that end, I am posting another track for all you lovely earthlings to enjoy, this one referred to me by my buddy Subverse – one of the hardest hardcore human electronica knowledge bases on terra firma. Tribal dance floor infecting drum bleats (sic) and atmospheric sonic wanderings (sick!) from East Coast Old Skoolers, Blackdrum & Moam. Life is good.

Blackdrum & Moam
“2012” (mp3)
from “Old Skool Dirt (Volume 2)”
(Kult Records)

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