Pama International

Here’s a set of tunes I put together from Pama International‘s generous offerings. Founded by Sean Flowerdew and Finny of The Loafers and Lynval Golding of the Specials, this is one of the UK’s leading contemporary reggae/ska units.

Dig right in…

What’s Going On? — If you aren’t up and dancing with this one then, I’d say, you’re in serious trouble! A classic groove, sweet vocals and memorable lyrics.

Second Chance (dub) — A massive dub hit!

It’s All About The Dub — My favorite of the lot. Perfect dub!

It’s Going To Be Beautiful — Sweet, beautiful, unforgettable.

Time Will Tell — One thing I love about this band is their tempos. This is the best in ska-reggae-soul.

Pandora For New Music

Fun Fun Fun announces the creation of a new site, The site streams music found by Fun Fun Fun music bloggers.  These MP3 bloggers find brilliant new music they love and write a brief description about why they have posted the song. You can have a “Pandora experience,” except it’s new exciting music recently found on the Internet. The genres include Ska, Reggae, JamDub, Electronic, Metal, Hip Hop, and more. All the music at this site is legal and free for download.

Andy Cotton’s “Shit Rock” is tha sh!t

When we see “Shit Rock” in a title we wonder, is this rock shit, as in shite? Or is it The Shit? Dilemmas never cease. Only one way to find out, and you guessed it my dears – I would never trouble you if it were excrement. After all, that’s not my gig. No. I post here only stuff that I really like. And upright bassist Andy Cotton’s dub exploration is some upright in this urban crucial reggae muthrfkin sh!t rock. Go forth and dubify.

Andy Cotton
“Shit Rock (feat. Brian J)” (download mp3)
from “Last Stand at the Havemeyer Ranch”
(Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records)
Shit Rock (feat. Brian J) (play)

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John Brown’s Body – “The Gold (Dubmatix Runnin’ Remix)” mp3

John Brown’s Body – “The Gold (Dubmatix Runnin’ Remix)” mp3

In the world of reggae music John Brown’s Body emerges from the thick clouds of ganja smoke as one of the truly originals voices in an often predictable genre. The Massachusetts’ 8-piece shows off their propensity for rhythms that reach out beyond any one genre classification, but tell a strictly dubwize narration.

John Brown’s Body
“The Gold (Dubmatix Runnin’ Remix)” (mp3)
from “Re-Amplify”
(Easy Star Records)

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John Brown’s Body feeling the remix love

John Brown’s Body-Give Yourself Over (GoldieLocks Vs Synth Girl remix)

The UK’s GoldieLocks and Synth Girl inject their love of analog synths, crunchy beats, and all things afrobeat into “Give Yourself Over.” The final product is an uplifting ride that will make you feel like you’re partying in the middle of Love Parade surrounded by 20,000 of your closest homies.

John Brown’s Body
“Give Yourself Over (GoldieLocks Vs. Synth Girl Remix)” (mp3)
from “Re-Amplify”
(Easy Star Records)

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I-Plant sings the praises of Medicinal 420

Marijuana has been legal for medicinal purposes here in the state of California since the passing in 1996 of Prop 215, and pot dispensaries and clubs have popped up everywhere in its wake as growers further perfect myriad finely cultivated strains of pungent buds. This is therefor, a good place to live if you have such needs, and as it happens, downtown Oakland near my place of residence is the capital of the pot club world! Along with a number of these specialty pharmacies, there’s even a new college offering “Quality Training for the Cannabis Industry” which takes its name from the neighborhood’s unofficial moniker – Oaksterdam University. “Medicine Man,” a classic reggae rocker by UK’s I-Plant, could be the school’s anthem. So put this mp3 in your pipe and smoke it, all you 420 scholars. Quality product from I-GROW RECORDS.

“Medicine Man” (download mp3)
from “Medicine Man / Hard Road to Travel”
Medicine Man (play)

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Lee “Scratch” Perry as Santa Claus

Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Santa Claus”

It seems Lee “Scratch” Perry‘s musical evolution will never stop. Jamaican music innovator number one, Perry has from the early 60’s to the present been a core author of the operating systems for ska, reggae, and dub, spawning myriad sub-genres and altering the perceptions and priorities of generations of fans and musicians world wide. Quite a resume. Now on, like, his ten thousandth LP or something, “madman scratchy” has a new release on the lovely Narnack Records label. This track, a wild riff on Perry’s already wild “Having A Party” which I posted earlier, is closer to a dubby downtempo or house vibe than the Reggae based work he’s most famous for. But the unique voice and mind bending take on life are instantly recognizable as no one else’s. Here’s holiday music of a kind I promise you, you have never heard before. Santa Claus is coming, so catch Scratchy on his short US tour they just announced, and be good!


Lee “Scratch” Perry
Narnack Records

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