Black Tusk – “Red Eyes, Black Skies”

Black Tusk is Savannah GA swamp metal. Sludgy stoner hardcore would be a good classification. Not downtempo however, this is pretty raging. Out now on Relapse Records.

Black Tusk
“Red Eyes, Black Skies” (download mp3)
from “Taste The Sin”
(Relapse Records)
Red Eyes Black Skies (play)

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Acid King – “Lead Paint” (mp3)

Back in the early 1990s Lori S. was selling drugs and writing songs that would later (way later) fall into the doom-metal genre. In 1993 she formed the band Acid King, and set her sites on destroying all that’s pure and decent in metal — hard task. After a series of shocking record covers and songs that sent Bay Area rock in a direction that it’s never been before, the Acid King self-titled 1994 EP has been reissued so a new generation of fans can study the blueprint of debauchery. Lesson one: “Lead Paint.”

Acid King
“Lead Paint” (mp3)
from “The Early Years”
(Small Stone Records)
Acid King – “Lead Paint” (play)

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