Shimmy Shimmy y’all!

Ol Dirty Bastard – “Brooklyn Zoo (Hulkstep Remix)” (play/download)

You know what sucks? The fact that ODB’s “Brooklyn Zoo” album has been out of print for years. You can’t even stream that shit on MOG. But today we get reparations in the form of a grimy/filthy/slimy remix by Chicago’s bass driven team, Hulk. This remix mirrors ODB’s personality to a tee — and you got to love the ODB.

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Barisone’s 2010 Burning Man mix

Burning Man Mix 2010 – by Barisone

Just because you didn’t go to Burning Man this year, and you didn’t get to hang out with Portland’s DJ Barisone, and he didn’t give you a copy of this mix, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the body-rocking beats inside Barisone’s BM 2010 mix. I had one car load of serotonin depleted friends tell me if it wasn’t for this mix they would have never made the traffic congested drive back to San Francisco. (download hint: click the small black arrow on the right of the player)

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NYC’s Proper Villians

Proper Villains is the latest NYC artist embrace bass music into house music culture. Fans of AC Slater and Drop The Lime will rage to the elastic bass line. Expect more dance friendly cutz from Proper Villians.

Proper Villains – “Big Top”

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Arthur Baker, king of the beats

Arthur Baker – “Onederful (Planet Rocka Dub)” (play/download)

You may not know his name but you’ve danced to his beats. Since the early-1970s Arthur Baker has been the patriarch of dancefloor sensible beats, shaping the sounds of both hip-hop and dance music. His unparalleled discography reads like a history of contemporary music with groundbreaking titles like “Planet Rock” and “Breaker’s Revenge.” Arthur proves he’s still stepping away from the boards with forward-thinking music with “Onederful (Planet Rocka Dub),” and after 35 years, the man is still killing it!

Here’s the video for “Planet Rock.” A must hear for any music lover.

Listen to more of Arthur Baker music on his myspace page.

Klone drops a pre-release

Klone – Chizzle Fried Grizzle

One of the biggest surprises of last year was Klone’s The Push Effect on SF future breaks label, Muti Music. Now Klone’s back with another album showing off his production chops. Expect synth-layered beats that pack plenty of dancefloor grit.

“Chizzle Fried Grizzle” (mp3)
from “Dubconstep – EP”
(Muti Music)

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Case you didn’t know, the West Coast rocks

I’ve heard people say that The Glitch Mob is past their prime; I can’t disagree. But with certified bangers like “The West Coast Rocks” as part of the Mob’s remix catalog, you really can’t fuck with them.

Matty G – “West Coast Rocks (The Glitch Mob Remix)” (play/download)

Form more Glitch Mob bangers peep their website.

Lily Allen Vs. General Levy

The Heatwave – “Mad LDN”

I love Lily Allen. She’s pop music for people who’ve moved out of their parent’s house. Plus her vindictive lyrics delivered in that, “girl next door” voice makes me love her that much more. Let’s not forget General Levy on this remix. He is one of the all-time kings of the dancehall. More dance-floor furry from the UK’s #1 dancehall/bashment/dancehall/DJ crew, The Heatwave.


Sexy German electro

Shila’s Bedroom Fashion – I Like Skirts (dub mix) (play)

I like skirts too. Especially with vintage cowboy boots and stockings (preferably with a run in them). Sexy. German electro group Shila’s Bedroom Fashion is making some of the dirtiest, sexiest, and nastiest electro music on the scene. Their label Katorza’s press release called it, “a pumpathon;” Sure, why not. Think DJ Icey and Kid 606 engaged in the most unruly “69” ever!

Shila’s Bedroom Fashion
“I Like Skirts” (mp3)
from “I Like Skirts – Single”
(Katorza Records)

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Pretty dubstep

1000 BPH-Icelander

The zenith of dubstep’s popularity — and most importantly, it’s production-is now behind us. Now the genre must move forward, re-invent its self, and look for new answers. In steps 1000 BPH. Using some of the genre’s mainstays (stretched basslines and choppy synths), 1000 BPH looks beyond the argro hole that the genre build its self around by simmering the vibe in a dash of atmospherics and finishing the track with an electro touch.

1000 BPH
“Icelander” (mp3)
from “As Far As You Can Go – EP”

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Venus Gang – “Love to Fly” mp3

Venus Gang – “Love to Fly” mp3

Tight, groovy, and funky as the day is long, this 1978 number by Venus Gang is pure fun. No politics or controversy here, just a phat, raw beat, and sexy female vocals about stars making love and loving to fly. Imagination takes care of the rest. Disco keyboard and rhythm section work a’la Quincy Jones, meets a dubby clubby vibe that anticipates more contemporary nightclub music, and gives some of today’s producers a bit of schooling, I’d have to say. Delicious track.

Venus Gang
“Love to Fly” (mp3)
from “Galactic Soul”
(Mucho Gusto Records)

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