I Am Caring About Insane Reaction’s “I Don’t Care”

Utterly trashy for-real punk rock alienation. I care about this. Insane Reaction are three young’uns from Orlando, Florida by way of Colombia. Born in the mid 90’s, when Green Day was still green, this is a generation down from when punk rock went mainstream. And you know what? It rocks! It’s legit. I love it. Have a listen.

Insane Reaction
“I Don’t Care” (download mp3)
from “Where’s My Pick – EP”
“I Don’t Care” (play)
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Seven Story Fall’s Epic “Nightmare” VS. The World

Seven Story Fall. Why that’s nothing! A 17 year old boy just jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge for fun. For fun! Not to kill himself. For fun. Jackass can retire now, after this their antics are officially tame. And the kid is fine! He wasn’t doing it to get hurt. I guess he never got the memo that jumping of the GG is the most famous, iconic way to commit suicide, in the world? Whatever. I’m pretty sure he likes music like this. Seven Story Fall out of Atlanta, GA makes some testosterone-overdosed rock, with gr8 screamo and cookie-monster vocals sandwiched between pretty power pop hooks and epic guitar parts. This is how they like it in the extreme skateboard bungee-helicoptering, BMX lion-jumping, leaping off of bridges crowd. A “Nightmare” never sounded so good. From “Quickstar Productions Presents Vs the World, Vol. 7.” Enjoy responsibly.

Seven Story Fall
“Nightmare” (download mp3)
from “Quickstar Productions Presents Vs the World, Vol. 7”
“Nightmare” (play)
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Hearin’ What’s “Just Around The Bend” with James “Earache” Shouse

This swift-kickin’ lil’ bluegrass number has got my feet a stompin’ and head a bobbin’. James “Earache” Shouse is a lead singer/arranger who has jammed with many players including greats Bill & James Monroe, Dr. Wayne Kirby, Wayne Newton, Willie Nelson. This is a great back-porch ditty. Inspirational, joyous, and full of effortless virtuoso pluckin’ & fiddlin’. Check it!

“Just Around the Bend” (download mp3)
from “Ain’t No Part O’ Nothin'”
“Just Around The Bend” (play)
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Sweet Chocolate Joseph Rockefeller’s “Brown Sugar Bear” Haz Calories Sweet and Phat

How much cowbell? This much. Some wah-wah guitar? Yes, please. Tasty organ and 70’s string-synth yummy-ness? Oh my, yes. In this instrumental you will find your complete Saturday morning starter kit. This vintage funky gemstone brought to my earballs by ultimate Interweb music ninja, Subverse. Have a sweet weekend, my friends.

Sweet Chocolate Joseph Rockefeller
“Brown Sugar Bear” (download mp3)
from “Original 1970’s Blaxploitation Instrumental Tracks”
“Brown Sugar Bear” (play)
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