E-Dee revisits Dennis Brown’s “Revolution”

Here’s a faithful yet modernized version of the classic Dennis Brown hit, Revolution, as performed by young Jamaican star, E-Dee. This cover was itself a hit in Jamaica in 2007, and E-Dee‘s career continues to skyrocket. Based in LA now, this dancehall celebrity is taking Jamaican music into American contemporary R&B in big ways. This track is sweet, and as a long time Dennis Brown fan, I give it the big thumbs up! Check it.

“Revolution” (download mp3)
from “Revolution”
(Unseen Lab Recordings, Inc)
“Revolution” (play)

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Dennis Brown takes Broadway to Mount Zion

Dennis Brown – “Mount Zion On Broadway”

Dennis Brown’s inspired take on the George Benson hit “On Broadway” takes the song into a more dreamy positive direction, utopian if you will, crafting a delightful answer to the more heavy message of the original. Brilliant.

Dennis Brown
“Mount Zion (On Broadway)” (mp3)
from “Reggae Stars”
(President Records)

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