Sleepy Wonder’s Dancehall Vibes, Revisited

Sleepy Wonder – “Ass On Her” mp3

Pure dancehall fun from Sleepy Wonder, outta Virginia Beach, VA. Well known for his work with the wonderful and overtly political Thievery Corporation, here we find our Sleepy in a decidedly club partyin’ mood. I’ve been digging this record since I posted the hit “Bounce” last year. Here’s another dose of that hip-hop-reggae hybrid that fills dance floors around the world.

Sleepy Wonder
“Ass On Her” (mp3)
from “Injustice”
(No Choice Music Group)

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Versionaries’ Booty is a “Bhutee Skank”!

‘Tis a dubbin rubbadubber for this fine day in Cali. We have been having the best spring rains this year, the land is ever so green, and if I hear anyone utter the word “drought” I will hit them with a water balloon. The Versionaries with DJ Kina and Rayja45 bust a tight riddim that borrows as much from roots reggae and early Jamaican dancehall as it does from urban American hip-hop. All with positive lyrics and generous helpings of dub.

The Versionaries, DJ Kina, Rayjah45
“Bhutee Skank” (download mp3)
from “We Come Again”
Bhutte Skank (play)

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Defending Truths & Rights with Fyah Blaze

Fyah Blaze – “Truths & Rights” mp3

More Fyah! Jamaican born, Florida based dancehall reggae artist Fyah Blaze blazes the fyah on this uncomplicated and forward statement. A sophisticated dancehall style groove makes up the backdrop as the man drops lyrical defiance against evil and folly. “Truths & Rights” is the title track from Fyah Blaze’ very promising debut release. Check it =)

Fyah Blaze
“Truths & Rights” (mp3)
from “Truths and Rights”
(Eight76 Records)

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Barrington Levy brings the levity

Barrington Levy – “Collie Weed”

Methinks the eve of xmas eve calls for a de-stressing, most chillaxing reggae dancehall track. Thankfully, the gr8 Barrington Levy is offering up his hit “Collie Weed” for our enjoyment. A simple and direct song, with a simple and direct message. Pick up “Original Ragga Muffin Part One” for more from this top Jamaican star. Happy holidays =)

Barrington Levy
“Collie Weed” (mp3)
from “Original Ragga Muffin Part One”
(Azra Music Publishing)

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Sleepy Wonder’s dancehall hit “Bounce” – don’t sleep on it

While Sleepy Wonder is a diversely talented singer, songwriter, DJ and popular live performer, this track “Bounce” is strictly dancehall. Playing from his core strength as a seamless, entertaining rapid fire MC, this could easily be the Sleepy Wonder theme song. Positive and fun, it also cuts with a genuine street edge and st8 of the art dancehall production. A perfect blend, add it up it’s gr8. Bounce wit me.

Sleepy Wonder
“Bounce” (download mp3)
from “Injustice”
(No Choice Music Group)
Bounce (play)

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Prince Kong, outside Babylon looking in

Prince Kong – “Outside feat Tommy Trouble + Eccleton Jarrett”

Dublin, Ireland’s Prince Kong delivers a dancehall smasher with some tight verses and inspired dub style madness. Touching on various stages of UK underground club music evolution, this emerges as an original statement – relevant, compelling and raw. And in the best tradition of reggae’s myriad sub-genres, you can move your feet to it, as well as your mind. GO deh!

Prince Kong
“Outside (feat. Tommy Trouble & Eccleton Jarrett)” (mp3)
from “Proper Horror Show”
(Middle Management Recordings)

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Collie Buddz gets smoke in the Eyez

Collie Buddz – “Eyez”

“Nowadays ya need eyez in the back of your head,” observes Collie Buddz. I usually h8 the auto-tuner effect on vocals, but like anything else, it can be used artfully and that is the case here. Icy cool song with an urban angst-y slickness and bluesy dancehall vibes. I dig it.

Collie Buddz
“Eyez” (mp3)
from “IRT Ryddimz & Shortman Movements Present… The New Era EP”
(IRT Media Group, LLC)

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Everybody bawl Zion

Beenie Man – “Zion”

If you love dancehall reggae, you’ll love this scorcher from Beenie Man. A sublime bass line, crisp techno drum patterns, and rootsy acoustic piano skank provide a tuff skeleton, over which Beenie Man chats in his patented high energy style. Some major sound system rockin’ stuff, but it sounds GR8 in ear buds too. I posted Bennie Man’s brilliant Jamaican Style earlier so don’t sleep pon it! Everybody bawl..

Beenie Man
“Zion” (mp3)
from “Way Out”

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Soldier like a Splif Click

The Splif Click – “Like a Soldier”

Rockin’ in a classic Jamaican dancehall style, The Splif Click drops a gr8 combo of humor and light, plus message and depth over a spare and precise backing track. A joyous track that any dancehall fan will adore.

The Splif Click
“Like a Soldier” (mp3)
from “Like a Soldier”
(Powacut Productions)

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Rockin’ el Reggaetón with El Rubiote

El Rubiote – “La Mangulina”

It’s hard to imagine a more hyper-contemporary form of popular music right now than reggaetón. Drawing extensively from reggae and dancehall, and merengue and cumbia, AND hip-hop and electronica, reggaetón is truly an international musical fusion. Yet the beats, up-to-the-minute digital production and (usually) Spanish rapid fire lyrics make the music instantly recognizable. To the uninitiated, it might sound like the world turned upside down and a giant party fell out. Check this amazing track by El Rubiote from the “Reggaeton Hits 2007” comp, for a taste. Seriously hot.

El Rubiote
“La Mangulina” (mp3)
from “Reggaeton Hits 2007”
(J&N Records)

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