DJ Dan Sticks ‘Em Good

DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Jeff T – “Stick Em” mp3

House DJ star DJ Dan is joined by Donald Glaude and Jeff T to conflagrate the dance and leave no pore dry. This is party music. Its purpose is to facilitate the party. To cause masses of humanity to move their butts and wave their arms and have a good time. It doesn’t exist for other purposes, and why should it? “Stick Em” is a trip through über contemporary dance music, from one of its foremost cre8ors. Enjoy. Nuther excellent ‘lectronica tip from Subverse.

DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Jeff T
“Stick Em” (mp3)
from “Stick Em – Remixes”
(InStereo Recordings)

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Secrets from the Information Ghetto

SuperFan goin’ all ‘lectronicoid on ya again, with some pure electronic dance music. I was intrigued by the title and stark album artwork here – this is one of those random discoveries, and I’m glad I stopped to check it out, it’s fun stuff. As is often the case in this genre, one must be patient at first. “Piotun” starts with a mere skeleton, and you think, hey, I could do this on a laptop in my sleep, why is this a record? But the piece soon reveals itself, with a magnificent primal synth bass part that could compel a brick to boogie, before atmospheric cinematic gongs and blips complete the trance inducing picture. This kind of thing works so well in a nightclub setting. Or, you know, at home, with friends, pretending your pad is a nightclub. I do it all the time. Why not? Ravers, rave on.

Information Ghetto
“Piotun” (download mp3)
from “Secrets – EP”
(3rd Wave Music)
Piotun (play/)

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Techno Friday? Ok, SURE!

Acid Girls, though you might like to think of them as girls on acid, are in fact, boys in a recording lab. I say “lab” because the old image of a recording “studio” doesn’t apply here. You know, the suited men with their cigarettes, poring over a score between takes in an acoustically engineered giant sauna looking room of fine hardwoods and huge double-paned windows. No, this is as post-modern a record as you can want – purely digital in every way, even the title is digital. And it kicks dance floor boo-tay. My feeling is, if you’re gonna sit around and play with bleeps and bops in the dark, you might as well go the distance and make a work as interesting and fun as this!

Acid Girls
“The Numbers Song” (download mp3)
from “The Numbers Song/ Lightworks”
“The Numbers Song” (play)

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Eskimobot’s “All Around Town” is a Str8 up HIT~!

Eskimobot – “All Around Town”

With a criminally catchy chorus, delirious electro pop dance tracks, and ecstatic, unspeakably cool vocals, this gem from Eskimobot made my day. Blatantly, shamelessly pop though it is, “All Around Town” is nonetheless a subtle triumph. A shimmering soliloquy that succeeds so well in putting a listener in the storyteller’s shoes, it’s almost eerie. I’ve played it about 10 times now, as I try and figure out how to say exactly how much I love it without gushing. Oops! 2 L8!  Enjoy, this is a smash.

“All Around Town” (mp3)
from “Lullabies for Insomniacs”
(Sanguine Recordings)

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One “Tambourinis cocktail” and you’ll be dancin’ for sure

Keletigui et ses Tambourinis – “Tambourinis cocktail”

This joyous musical celebration was recorded in the West African nation of Guinea, by a dance band with one of the more unusual biographies you will find anywhere. Keletigui et ses Tambourinis was funded by the newly established state, after Guinea won independence from France.  The group’s blend of Cuban rhythms, American jazz, and traditional African musics, under the direction of band leader Keletigui Traoré, gained widespread popularity and continues to echo as a major influence on African popular music today. Traoré died in 2008, but the music he and his band recorded has been re-released digitally for us to enjoy. Really nice stuff.

Keletigui et ses Tambourinis
“Tambourinis cocktail” (mp3)
from “The Syliphone Years”

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Sissy Wish rocks balls

Sissy Wish – “DWTS”

A friend described this record as “Missing Persons meets the Go Go’s at a Bjork concert.” I can’t improve on that. Except to say that it has an edge reminiscent of late 70’s new wave, blended with contemporary electronic dance floor sensibilities. Which is kinda sayin’ the same thing. GR8 track!

Sissy Wish
“DWTS” (mp3)
from “Beauties Never Die”
(Afternoon Records)

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No More Kings “Obey the Groove” and you will too

No More Kings – “Obey the Groove”

Obey. The groove. What part didn’t you understand? Full on party music not for the old at heart! I aint lyin’.

No More Kings
“Obey the Groove” (mp3)
from “And the Flying Boombox”
(Astonish Entertainment)

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Doing the Ska on Eastern Standard Time

Eastern Standard Time – “Tick Tock”

Shwweeeet up-tempo instrumental ska from E.S.T. baybee. Man, these guys can REALLY play! Ska music has become a very wide genre umbrella, ranging from punky 3rd wave stuff all the way to jazzy ska like this outstanding track.

Eastern Standard Time
“Tick Tock” (mp3)
from “Second Hand”
(Beatville Records)

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Carried away by PooNyk & Oxide’s Eternal Trance Vibes

PooNyk & Oxide – “It Lasts Eternally”

Trance time! When you need to depart this plane of reality and step into a realm of decadent audio bliss, let the trance deejays take over. This bright and airy track from Russian sound sculptors PooNyk & Oxide is fine designer medicine for your mind, heart and bootay. Great in a club of course, but through the wonders of the Interweb, you can enjoy this at home, dancing in the kitchen or frollicking in the boudoir.  Summer party season approaches and we will need some blissed out electronica! Do yourself and your guests a favor and pick up this whole comp.

PooNyk & Oxide
“It Lasts Eternally” (mp3)
from “Emotive Trance Vibes”
(Emotive Vibes)

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