En schizofrens dagbok! En schizofrens dagbok, I tell you! Listen to this!

It’s Jam Band Saturday. More specifically, it’s Swedish Jam Band Saturday. Let’s break it down, it’s really Swedish Jam Bands Discovered By Frank Zappa Saturday. But Dorothy, how many Swedish Jam Bands can claim they were discovered by Frank Zappa? Just one, dear, the Mats/Morgan Band. They kick ass all over most fusion-y prog-rockers and dude has like, three kick drums. Reminds of King Crimson and Zappa himself at their wildest, with an added nod to the sonic brain-bending of modern electronic club music. Truly excellent.

Mats/Morgan Band
“En schizofrens dagbok” (download mp3)
from “Mats/Morgan Band Live”
“En schizofrens dagbok”
(Cuneiform Records)

The Saga Of Gösta Berlings Saga

Here is a mind-bending instrumental from a band worthy of their umlaut. I did not know until moments ago that “Gösta Berlings Saga” is the title of a popular 1890s Swedish Neo-romantic novel. Thanks to the Googles, Wikipedias, and Gösta Berlings Saga – a band from – where else? – Sweden, I am instantly enlightened! In fact, I just ordered the paperback, and DL’d this splendid avant-rock album. It’s marvelous, original, edgy, and strangely romantic. I will listen to it again while I read the book. Why do I think this may involve Absinth?

Gösta Berlings Saga
“354” (download mp3)
from “Glue Works”
(Cuneiform Records)
“354” (play)
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