Black Liquorice Hits Critical Mass

From the vaults, pulled up by my friend Dan over at SFMusicSluts, here’s Critical Mass – one of the wackier ska punky bands from the ever so wacky “third wave” o’ punky ska. Led by tenor sax man Michael Valladares – now proud owner of the bestest watering hole on that strange planet of East Bay, California, ye olde Hotsy Totsy – CM brought metal madness and cartoon music to bear on their special ska brew, here expressed as an epic instrumental.

Critical Mass – “Black Liquorice” (Play this puppeh)

Critical Mass – “Black Liquorice” (Download this puppeh)

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1. I Want to Kill Everybody by Ed Haynes
2. It Takes Money by  Hobo
3. Penetrating Love Ray by Sex for Moderns
4. Radiation Boy by The Uptones
5. Fell In and Out of Art by Stiff Richards
6. Sick by  D Compose
7. Sex Pig by Repulsa
8. Piñata by Critical Mass & The Lazy American
9. P.M.F. by Black Pole
10. Mr. Ed by Sex for Moderns
11. Fish In a Tree by Hobo
12. Hobbit Love by The Gazillions
13. I Am a Janitor by Surface Music
14. I Want You Dead by Repulsa
15. R.A.D.I.O. by Count Slowly and The 4 Twenties
16. They Cheat, They Steal, They Lie by McBain
17. Meditations from a Father by Subverse
18. Ridiculous by The Uptones
19. Tony Alva by Opal Book Club

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Track 8 – “Piñata” by Critical Mass feat. The Lazy American

An instant classic, this ebullient party track has all that a bunch of kids or grown up kids could ask for. West Coast ska fans are familiar with Critical Mass’ amazing live show, but few are prepared for this brilliant slab of casiotone-inspired latin ska candy.

8. Piñata by Critical Mass feat. The Lazy American