Governator Arnold Calls Gateway

One of the first “sound board” crank call recordings to hit the Internets, and probably still the funniest, This mp3 features the unmistakable voice of bodybuilder, action movie star, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger calling Gateway Computers for some help.  Gateway should give dear Cassie a medal for her professionalism, as she maintains composure under a barrage of meticulously timed Ah-nold samples from Terminator, Kindergarten Cop, Total Recall and other popcorn flicks. As silly as this is, it’s inspired art! Now stop whining.

Arnold Calls Gateway (play/download mp3)

The Troggs make a bloody Number One!

Ah, the unspeakably funny and cringe-worthy Troggs tape. The gr8est fly on the wall document of a band melting down ever recorded. Often cited as the inspiration behind Spinal Tap, this mp3 oozes absurdity and dysfunction. There’s a fine moment, when you hear the guitar player doing his part, and someone shouts “YEAH!” in the talk-back mic, the guitarist continues playing EXACTLY the same part, and the voice comes in again with “NO!” Shortly thereafter there is a sort of cackle, the unmistakable croak of a grown man cracking. Sickly pleasurable. They may not have gotten their number one out of this, but they sure have entertained millions of people with this unintended meme. For the band that did “Wild Thing,” tis an inglorious end. For the advanced class, try the Infamous Troggs Tapes Megamix.

The Infamous Troggs Tapes (play/download mp3)

Brian Posehn – “More Metal Than You” (mp3)

Brian Posehn – “More Metal Than You” (play)

Brian Posehn is the metal community’s proud comical ambassador for the modern day. He’s a hilarious dude that could actually be found at shows such as Thrash of the Titans nearly a decade ago and countless other bay area metal gigs. He’s funny because he’s true – just like this song title.

Brian Posehn
“More Metal Than You” (mp3)
from “Fart and Wiener Jokes”
(Relapse Records)

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Blag Dahlia’s “Extreme Skate Abuse” and other delights

Blag Dahlia – “Extreme Skate Abuse”

Blag Dahlia is best known as front man for The Dwarves. Anyone who knows his work and personality would understand this is not a man to be trifled with. But trifle they did, and, well, here is the result of someone asking to license the Dwarves’ recorded music without compensation.

Blag Dahlia
“Extreme Skate Abuse” (mp3)
from “Nina …And Other Delights”
(Greedy Media)

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Ryan Adams Rant Redux

Ryan Adams calls Jim DeRogatis Answering Machine

Ryan Adams now legendary meltdown on Jim DeRogatis‘ answering machine made the rounds back in ’04 and soon became immortalized on the Interwebs. Utterly hilarious, or unbearable depending on your perspective, this is what happens when an artist gets one too many personal insults from a critic, throws decorum to the wind and fires back. Little could Adams know that his rant would soon be downloaded millions of times and take on a momentum of its own.  I happen to like Ryan Adams’ music a lot, but I think I’d be down with this even if I thought it was shite! Little lite humor for your holiday fun =)

The Saturday Knights bust a dog lovers anthem

The Saturday Knights – “Dog Park”

Poking around Light In The Attic again, and like every time, I found a real gem. What a silly, lovely, ridiculous, brilliant track.

The Saturday Knights
“Dog Park” (mp3)
from “Mingle”
(Blue Scholars / Light in the Attic)

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