Paul Whiteman with Bob Lawrence “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”

Leader of the most popular dance bands in the United States during the 1920s, Whiteman’s recordings were immensely successful, and press notices often referred to him as the “King of Jazz.” Using a large ensemble and exploring many styles of music, Whiteman is perhaps best known for his blending of symphonic music and jazz. “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” with vocals by Bob Lawrence was Whiteman’s second to last #1 song, released in 1934.

Paul Whiteman with Bob Lawrence “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (play/download mp3)

Ephraim Woodie & The Henpecked Husbands – “Last Gold Dollar” (mp3)

Ephraim Woodie & The Henpecked Husbands-“Last Gold Dollar” (mp3)

In the fall of 1929 Ephraim Woodie and the Henpecked Husbands got a chance to make recordings for the Columbia Phonograph Company. They first recorded “Last Gold Dollar,” with Clay Reed fiddling and Edison Nuckolls on banjo. Ephraim Woodie sang in his nasal mountain accent. This Mp3 makes me say awe shucks, why didn’t I find this sooner?!?