Memphis Jug Band “Cocaine Habit Blues”

The Cocaine Habit Blues” has an upbeat jingle that makes you want to tap your foot along to it as you indulge in its subversive fun. In this number the crisp sound of each jug instrument creates a euphorically happy feeling, as the Memphis Jug Band has musically evoked the effect of a cocaine high. The Memphis Jug Band enjoyed its popularity in the late 1920s into the 1930s and the band was composed of violins, mandolins, washboards, kazoos and jugs among other novelty instruments. The band was unique because its members were always revolving, its only permanent member and leader was Will Shade. Together they recorded over 100 sides and provided the American public with the best in Jug Blues. Enjoy!

Memphis Jug Band – “Cocaine Habit Blues (play/download mp3)