Dubstep Bliss – Infected By Bass Bacteria!

BetaSP – “Bacteria” mp3

‘Lectronibots, baby. Lil’ multiplying microscopic nanopuppies of underground bass music bliss. BetaSP‘s work is aggressive and urgent, like the dance music of the late 80s and early 90s when it was still a mostly underground phenomenon – unsafe for mainstream use, a playground for the adventurous and bold. Get a little o’ this bacteria on yr tongues, kittins. From Trenchant Dubs’ l8est brilliant dubstep comp, here is “Bacteria” remixed by Chrissy Murderbot. It’s a party.

BetaSP, Chrissy Murderbot
“Bacteria” (mp3)
from “Bacteria E.P.”
(Trenchant Dubs)

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