Gioachino Rossini – William Tell Overture

GiorcesRossini100Here is a beautiful and surprisingly well preserved recording of Gioachino Rossini‘s iconic work, created nearly 100 years ago when recording technology and the record business were together taking their first baby steps. The inspired and energetic performance by Cesare Sodero‘s orchestra – who recorded for Edison under the unassuming name of “Sodero’s Band” – would help cement the William Tell Overture’s fate to become one of the most popular and beloved pieces of music of all time.

William Tell Overture – part 1 (1914)

William Tell Overture – part 2 (1914)

DiamondDiscPhonograph100And here is a 1927 recording of the entire piece in one pass, from a magnificent performance by the Victor Symphony Orchestra. The digital transfer is remarkably clean – hardly a scratch is audible – and the powerful dynamics of the top flight ensemble come through clear as day, making this an outstanding listening experience.

Victor Symphony Orchestra – William Tell Overture (1927)