Harry Manx’s Strong Foundation of “Brick And Stone”

Simple acoustic guitar and some slinky slide propel Harry Manx toward his home. A sweet and sincere ode to “home” and we aint talkin’ about a house! Old school gr8 music, played by a human. Fancy that.

Harry Manx
“Brick And Stone” (download mp3)
from “Dog My Cat”
(Dog My Cat Records)
“Brick And Stone” (play)

Matt Murphy’s Not “Just A Show”

This is a classic tale of life on the rock n’ roll road told from the point of view of Guy Terrifico. Guy may be the fictional subject of a Canadian mockumentary titled The Life And Hard Times Of Guy Terrifico, but this song is really good!

Matt Murphy
“Just A Show” (download mp3)
from “The Life And Hard Times Of Guy Terrifico: Bring It Back Home”
(Outside Music)
“Just A Show” (play)


Tripping The Grunge Fantastic With Eric’s Trip

Roaring fuzzbass and the unmistakable trainwreck sound of a dive-bar mix can’t hide the great melodies and harmonies of “Girlfriend”. Eric’s Trip weave a tale populated by tall-dark trees and spirits under rocks, but this is not so much the soundtrack to a dungeons-and-dragons epic, but more of a took-too-much-acid-in-the-woods-with-my-girlfriend-and-stole-her-car story.

Eric’s Trip
“Girlfriend” (download mp3)
from “The Eric’s Trip Show – Recorded Live In Concert 1991-1996”
(teenage USA recordings)
Girlfriend (Live) (play)

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Outdoor Miners sing the virtues of Twelve Hundred Dollars

Outdoor Miners – “Twelve Hundred Dollars” mp3

What would you do with Twelve Hundred Dollars? Buy a yacht? Trip to France? Wait.. $1,200? Two zeros? That’s really not much is it. I feel like Dr. Evil when he demanded One Meeellion Dollars. No, what you can do with twelve Ben Franklins is pay your rent. Here is a radio-friendly rocker lamenting just that. Outdoor Miners outta Edmonton, Canada on Pop Echo Records, rockin’ the 80’s twinged moody pop. Enjoy.

Outdoor Miners
“Twelve Hundred Dollars” (mp3)
from “Twelve Hundred Dollars”
(Pop Echo Records)

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