Juliana Hatfield & Richard Butler share a Lonely Love

Juliana Hatfield, Richard Butler – “This Lonely Love”

I love Juliana Hatfield, ok, let’s just lay that out. Her perseverence and dedication to her craft, even as the record bidniz crumbled around her and onto her, is admirable in itself, but to go through all the travails she’s experienced and still come up with songs like this is another thing! Boy-girl duet “This Lonely Love,” (featuring Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs as the boy!) reflects Hatfield’s long standing habit of developing hopeless crushes on aloof and self absorbed sexy and usually stoned rock musicians. I confess share this problem with her, alas, and so love this song even more. Thanks Din for the tip 😉

Juliana Hatfield, Richard Butler
“This Lonely Love (feat. Richard Butler)” (mp3)
from “How to Walk Away”
(Ye Olde Records)

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