Q: Tropicálian Hip-Hop Dub Rock? A: Curumin’s “Sambito (Totaru Shock)”!

Curumin takes the best parts of his native Brazilian styles and splices them with key elements from hip-hop, funk, and dub with a little mod hip-shake in it! It’s like João Gilberto brandishing a sampler in one hand and an electric guitar in the other. Infectious, delightful, and I have to say SOOOO good for the NICE weather we’re FINALLY having out here in Oaksterdam!! <3 ing it.

“Sambito (Totaru Shock)” (download mp3)
from “JapanPopShow”
(Quannum Projects)
“Sambito (Totaru Shock)” (play)

TchucbandioniS’ Ev@r So FunkAy “Valvulado”!

TchucbandioniS- “Valvulado” mp3

Here’s a chanting funky latin-rockr, suitable for dance floor clowning or a fine summer’s day BBQ. “Valvulado” is a single from Sao Paulo, Brasil’s dynamic TchucbandioniS – a somewhat mysterious entity I can find little info about on the Googlenets. But I love this track, and it’s all about one gr8 mp3 a day here in Superfanland. So here, my pretties, is a musical offering for Saturday, Sep. 11, 2010. A genre-mashing international jazz funk rock latin burst of flavor. Enjoy.

“Valvulado” (mp3)
from “O Novo Transmissor”
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