Red Sky At Morning, “Chiudi gli occhi”‘s Take Warning

Nothing like a little revolution to get the blood flowing. Here’s some instrumental ponderings from a band from Milan called Red Sky – not to be confused with the Red Sky from Detroit or the one from Minneapolis – good gawd there’s a lot of ’em. Red Sky from Milan, ladies and gents! With some instrumental schizophrenic hard rock that loves its U2 as much as its Joe Satriani. Approximately. I like it.

Red Sky
“Chiudi gli occhi” (download mp3)
from “Tra l’ombra e l’anima – EP”
“Chiudi gli occhi” (play)
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Vulvagun Vanquishes “The Black Pyramid”

Aussie metal outfit Vulvagun is as awesome and ridiculous as their name. Great Gothic arches of sex, death and winged mythical beasts loom and do battle for our entertainment, edification and doom. Gr8 metal lead singing here, plus a most excellent nod to The Omen soundtrack. This really kicks buckets of ass. Dude.

“The Black Pyramid” (download mp3)
from “Born of Sand and Snow”
“The Black Pyramid” (play)
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