Blind Blake “Early Morning Blues”

Also known as: “The King of Ragtime Guitar,” Blind Blake’s ability to play the guitar in a fashion that sounds much like the ragtime piano is truly a talent he is best known for. His amazing vocals are present in “Early Morning Blues” as you can hear his ability to drag out his words in beautiful manner. You can also hear his knack for strumming the guitar  like a piano in this number while his voice gently relieves the tension in the air and creates a soothing atmosphere. Together his vocals and guitar skills creates a unique sound that doesn’t come around easily but is definitely enjoyed  greatly when heard.

Blind Blake “Early Morning Blues (play/download mp3)

Irene Scruggs and Blind Blake – “Married Man Blues (Take 2)”

St. Louis raised Irene Scruggs’ amazing vocals come alive in ” Married Man Blues.”  Scruggs blends beautifully with the strumming of Blind Blake’s guitar in this 1930 recording that was never released on 78.  Known for her alluring voice and raunchy/sexy blues sensibilities, her voice tunes with the music in such a way that you just feel her passion. Scruggs is a definite female blues recording artist that time has proven worthy Enjoy 🙂

Irene Scruggs w/ Blind Blake – Married Man Blues (Take 2) (play/download)

Blind Blake – “Diddie Wa Diddie” mp3

Blind Blake was born Arthur Blake in Jacksonville Florida. During Blind Blake’s prosperous career he recorded over 75 cuts for the Paramount label. “Diddie Wa Diddie” shows off Blind Blake’s distinctive vocal and guitar rhythm. This song was later covered by Ry Cooder and Hot Tuna. I only wish somebody would tell me what “Diddie Wa Diddie” means.

Blind Blake – “Diddie Wa Diddie” (mp3)

Blind Blake – “That Will Never Happen No More” mp3

Blind Blake – “That Will Never Happen No More” (mp3)

“That Will Never Happen No More” is second only to “Diddie Wa Diddie” in terms of sheer effort. There’s a strange mash-up of comedic lyrics backed by a minstral style organ. This juxtaposition was almost unheard of in that time. Blind Blake’s signature poly rhythmic note structure is still featured, proving that Blind Blake is still one of the greatest to ever hold a guitar.

Blind Blake & Charlie Spand – “Hastings Street” mp3

Blind Blake, Charlie Spand – “Hastings Street” mp3

When the legendary Blind Blake and Charlie Spand teamed up for this exquisite recording in the 1920s, they could scarcely have guessed that their contribution would be enjoyed for almost 80 years, and how would you explain their song being ripped to mp3 and played through and I-Pod. Here is one helluva track for your enjoyment, from two masters of ragtime and blues whose influence continues to grow in the new millennium.

Blind Blake – “You’re Gonna Quit Me Blues” mp3

Blind Blake – “You’re Gonna Quit Me Blues” mp3

Another great track from the blues master Blind Blake. His lyrical phrasing and guitar chord progression is often imitated but no one can match he deep divine given talents. “You’re Gonna Quit Me Blues” tackles and personifies some of the struggles most of Blind’s community dealt with: chain gangs, poverty, jail.

Blind Blake – “Police Dog Blues” mp3

Blind Blake – “Police Dog Blues” mp3

Besides Robert Johnson, no other blues artist was as influential, sold as many records, and remains so cloaked in mystery as Blind Blake. Being blind, Blake most likely earned a living playing for change on street corners or for Saturday night dances and fish fries. His first recorded side, “West Coast Blues,” was a hit and led to a prestigious and impressive recording career that lasted until 1932.