Bassnectar continues killing it.

I never felt that Bassnectar’s live shows ever eclipsed his recorded material, until I heard his latest, “Wildstyle.” If you’ve never been to a Bassnectar show it usually goes down like “Wildstyle Method (Radio Edit),” the bass rolls and shudders over your body making the experience of listening (or being at his show) the ultimate aphrodisiac.
Listen to the rest of “Wildstyle” at

Wildstyle Method (Radio Edit) (play/download mp3)

Acid Crunk #7

An-ten-nea is 7 deep in his Acid Crunk EP series and his song “Hello” may be his purest expression of the techno sub-genre deviant we call ‘acid’. But that’s part of An-ten-nea’s pull, people never know what sonic moves the man is going to make, on a record or live. I will be dancing as he kills it on Halloween in San Francisco. I hope you will be having as much fun as me and my crew will be having that night.

“Hello” (download)
from “Acid Crunk EP 7”
(Muti Music)
“Hello” (play)

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Lazer Sword invasion

Lazer Sword scans Oakland nerd-hop group Themselves’ track “You Ain’t It,” uploads it, and shows us why they named themselves ‘Lazer Sword.’ It’s easy to get off track and turn this remix into a stinking heap of inaccessible noise. But the SF team comes through with a computer-funk jam that rivals anything in Parliament’s late catalog.

“You Ain’t It (Lazer Sword Remix)” (mp3)
from “CrownsDown & Company”
You Ain’t It (Lazer Sword Remix) (play)

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Zion I, “Turn it Up”

When Zion I released their first full-length album, Mind Over Matter In 2000, hip-hop was still in the middle of its creative and cultural dominance of popular music. 10 years later Zion I has continued to release music and perform, leaving this humble Oakland group as the creative and cultural springboard of hip-hop. “Turn it Up” is another Zion I production with originality and attitude that shows why MC Zion and Amp Live are making music that’s 3-steps ahead of the rest.

Turn It Up (play/download mp3)

Get more free music and some knowledge over at the Zion I crew website.

Prince – “Wanna Be Your Lover (White Girl Lust Bump Beat”) (mp3)

Prince – “Wanna Be Your Lover (White Girl lust Bump Beat)” (play/download)

In a city that’s dominated by big-room house and bass music in every imaginable sub-genre, the San Francisco team of White Girl Lust is producing house that takes The City’s house music lovers back to its dance music roots. Peeps WGL’s disco-slap remix of Prince’s 1979 hit “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” it’s sure to be a dance floor filler.

Listen to more WGL singles, EPs and get live dates over at their label, Solid Bump Records.

Following the Pied TOPR into Righteous Oblivion

TOPR – “Follow the Leader (feat. Mode, Luke Sick & Eddie K)” mp3

‘Nuther thought crime from SF’s seasoned battle rap veteran, TOPR. On his latest collection of dire yet hilarious street screeds, “L. Ron Hustler,” we find our hero in a nihilistic mood, spouting venom in every direction, fighting, testifying, smokin’ drinkin’ and spittin’ verbal apocalypse with abandon. The bay area’s Charles Bukowski of hip-hop? Approximately. Don’t be alarmed by the cold ending to this track. That’s just how they do it in Gurp City. Parental advisory: this record is dangerous and wrong, and it could make your kids deface their Justin Bieber posters with depictions of degenerate sex and drug mayhem. Enjoy!

“Follow the Leader feat. Mode, Luke Sick & Eddie K” (mp3)
from “L. Ron Hustler”
(Gurp City Digital)

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Homeliss Derelix – “Fuck You”

There was this thing about the 90s that I remember…. and can only really post-conceptualize today: the film and music industry took a turn for the violent and vulgar in a very mainstream way, i.e. Tarantino dialogue, movies about strippers and junkies. There were endless crappy nu-metal bands that had to rely on cussing as a means of selling plastic jewel cases to their target demographic: twelve-year olds. So here’s some bay area hip hop from ’94 that reflects said mentality (aside from how vulgar that whole west coast ‘thug life’ philosophy was getting in that same year).

Homeliss Derelix
“Fuck You” (download mp3)
from “Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation”
(Bomb Hip Hop)
“Fuck You” (play)

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Beats Antique remix

Fratres for Violin and Piano – “Arvo Part (Beats Antique Remix)” by Beats Antique

Oakland CA’s Beats Antique may have that mid-century post-gypsy look but don’t get it twisted, Beats Antique, David Satori, Sidecar Tommy and Zoe Jakes, are turning out productions that set new standards in music productions.

Visit the beats antique website.

Touchphonics Swing the Ragtime

Touchphonics – “Ragtime Swing” mp3

Oh heallsyeah. Tip to my boi Subverse for this one. San Francisco’s Touchphonics dive drums-first into a reverent study of roots music at a rudimentary level, only to shift and twist it into modern nightclubbin’ colors and shapes. Simple, fun and entertaining. My Sunday’s Funday instrumental pick.

“Ragtime Swing” (mp3)
from “Fresh Kicks – EP”
(Elevated Press Records)

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HUGE Kraddy tune

For the past 10 years, Kraddy has cast an ever-growing shadow on the West Coast electronic scene. Former member of The Glitch Mob (and some would argue the reason we all have bought tickets to Glitch Mob shows), Kraddy’s sonic resum√© has blown-up since his departure from The Mob. “Freakshow” is an appropriately titled tune. Kraddy is not only exploring sounds that breed away from the dance floor, he is also dredging the bottom of his imagination, coming up with an aggressive-metallic sound.

Kraddy – “Freakshow (play/download)

Visit Kraddy’s website for more info and music.