The Hot Toddies – “Keep on Runnin’ (The Vampire Song)”

This week the MP3 Jackpot posts The Hot Toddies. Their MP3, “Keep On  Running (The Vampire Song),” is this week’s winner. A well crafted song with a slight retro flavor.

The Hot Toddies
“Keep on Runnin’ (The Vampire Song)” (download mp3)
from “Get Your Heart On”
(Asian Man Records)
“Keep on Runnin’ (The Vampire Song)” (play)

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The Dont’s – “Breakdown”

San Francisco’s The Dont’s rock, yes they do. “Don’t let the breakdown get you down,” they explain. Words to live by. I dig The Dont’s. Psychedelic moddy power pop with wild vocals and excellent Feedback-Fu.

The Dont’s
“Breakdown” (download mp3)
from “Those Delicate Chemicals”
(The Dont’s)
“Breakdown” (play)

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Oranger – “Mike Love, Not War” (mp3)

One of the first bands I ever discovered as a direct result of teh Internets, was a San Francisco psychedelic power pop outfit called Oranger. It was 1999 and I was partying like Prince. My early broadband connection was expensive and janky, but I found out you could download a thing called an mp3 file and that indie bands were posting their songs legally for free so they could have a prayer of getting heard. Fascinated, I began searching for something juicy, not aware that it would become a daily obsession for years to follow. Within an hour I was listening to Oranger’s unforgettable “Eggtooth,” which I later re-posted when I made the leap to posting one gr8 song a day. Here now is another delightful track from this irreverent and talented quintet, who always seemed more concerned with their artistic output than with trying to fit into any marketable niche. The title, “Mike Love, Not War” actually describes their sound and humor, quite succinctly. Google “Mike Love” if it doesn’t make sense, kiddies, and soon you will understand. Peace.

“Mike Love, Not War” (mp3)
from “Doorway To Norway”
(Amazing Grease Records)
Oranger – “Mike Love Not War” (play)

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The Phenomenauts – “I Am Not Robot” (mp3)

The Phenomenauts – “I Am Not Robot” (play)

Hailing from a planet near Oakland, CA whose name you can’t pronounce, The Phenomenauts have been practicing their space-o-billy stage wizardry for over a decade in earth years. For them it is but an eye blink, and here we find the ‘nauts in a do-wopppish state of robot reverie, dreaming of electric sheep. This is a band that set up uninvited outside the Warped Tour one summer, played with a generator next to their van, which itself looks like a comic space ship, won fans over and were eventually added to the tour lineup. That’s badass. Robots or not, these guys have tons of heart. And this song is gr8.

The Phenomenauts
“I Am Not Robot” (mp3)
from “Electric Sheep: Electronic Extended Play”
(Silver Sprocket)

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Zion I – “Turn it Up”

When Zion I released their first full-length album, Mind Over Matter In 2000, hip-hop was still in the middle of its creative and cultural dominance of popular music. 10 years later Zion I has continued to release music and perform, leaving this humble Oakland group as the creative and cultural springboard of hip-hop. “Turn it Up” is another Zion I production with originality and attitude that shows why MC Zion and Amp Live Amp are making music that’s 3 steps ahead of the rest.

Zion I – “Turn It Up (play/download)

Get more free music and some knowledge over at the Zion I crew website.

Neurosis – “Burn” (mp3)

Neurosis – “Burn” (play/download)

Neurosis’ The Eye of Every Storm, showed a combination of folk, metal, ambience and naturalism in one vast experimental record. A band that came from a very American hardcore beginning, its astonishing what musical exploration Neurosis has achieved over the course of a few decades, all with some obscurity. Whether you’re a “heady” music listener or a knucklehead thrasher.

Visit Neurosis’ official website, and their label, Neurot Recordings.

Apache – “Crystal Clear” (mp3)

Apache – “Crystal Clear” (mp3)

Texas/Bay Area band Apache‘s sound is pushing upstream in a time when many bands are trying to tattoo a new sonic marker in the rock n’ roll landscape. They write catchy garage rock gems in the 70s glam-rock tradition. You won’t find any traces of grad-school ideology in “Crystal Clear” as Apache celebrates teenage angst through the power of lo-fi rock n’ roll.

Find out more about Apache. Visit their artist page on their label, Birdman Records.

The Aimless Never Miss – “Heart Surgery” mp3

The Aimless Never Miss – “Heart Surgery” (play)

Here is some alterna-pop that is a cut above the noise. Edgy and minutely arranged, “Heart Surgery” by The Aimless Never Miss weds prog rock sensibilities like odd time signatures and angular, syncopated riffs, with a more contemporary emo-ternative lyrical approach. Emoternative? But yes! The guitars and vocals on this track are quite beautiful. The pieces all come together to evoke a unique feeling that is delicious yet hard to describe. Ultimately, that is what original art accomplishes, isn’t it? Lovely work from this Bay Area band.

The Aimless Never Miss
“Heart Surgery” (mp3)
from “Tran EP”
(500 Records)

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