Bassnectar is still king

Bassnectar is a rockstar. When the intern at my office — who looks like he stepped off a Scorpions record cover — comes up to my desk asking if I like Bassnectar, you’ve reached ‘rockstar’ status. “Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix)” is the quintessential Bassnectar sound: time-stretched vocals, massive basslines, warped horn samples, all laid on a foundation of chunky beats. You know a Bassnectar song is playing because his sound doesn’t tickle you, it engulfs you.

Cozza Frenzy (Mega Bass Remix)” (play/download mp3)

More Cali love

Rusko – “Da Cali Anthem” (play/download)

California is know for 3 things: good drugs, wing-nuts, and 2Pac’s song, “California Love,” which has to be one of the most remixed hip-hop songs of all time. The latest comes from Mad Decent artist Rusko. This one Ruscho slaps with the anthem touch making his remixed one fucking HUGE.

Visit Ruscho’s artist page for more downloads and exclusive mixes.

Diplo’s blowin’ heads!

Diplo – Blow Your Head (play/download)

Bmore champion and third-world-beat digger Diplo is one of the hottest and most successful electronic artist to never gain mainstream acceptance (yet). Diplo blew the doors off the Baltimore club scene with his special brew of twisted up latin and funk beats slapped on top of Baltimore’s dirtiest MCs. Trends in electronic music will constantly change while Diplo’s unique production style stays blissfully ignorant.

More music and mixes from Diplo’s label can be found on his blog, Mad Decent.

Hometown hero Ground_Control drops a remix

The first time I saw Ground_Control he played after blockbuster breaks DJ/producer Icey. 2 songs into his set I was thinking, “why isn’t this dude headlining instead of Icey (nuff respect dude)”? Ground_Control is one of the most talented and all around skillful DJs on the SF-breaks scene. In addition to killing the crowd with his signature breaks meets anything dirty-and-funky sound, his remixes and OG productions are explosive sonic pieces that will leave you drooling for more!

SIMO & Mancub
“Punks Of Funk (Ground_Control Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Punks Of Funk – The Remixes”
(Sleevin’ Records)
Punks of Funk (Ground_Control RMX) (play)

Need more Ground_Control audio? Check him on Sound Cloud.

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Case you didn’t know, the West Coast rocks

I’ve heard people say that The Glitch Mob is past their prime; I can’t disagree. But with certified bangers like “The West Coast Rocks” as part of the Mob’s remix catalog, you really can’t fuck with them.

Matty G – “West Coast Rocks (The Glitch Mob Remix)” (play/download)

Form more Glitch Mob bangers peep their website.

What more can I say, Top Billin’

Scottie B and King Tutt – African Chant (Top Billin Remix)

A lot of electronic music coming out lately is way too arty and intellectual for my tastes with their aloof press photos showing the artist in their lab surrounded by a small village of sound modules and synths. I don’t know about you but when I’m at a party dancing high as a crackhead on the 1st of the month I don’t want to be thinking about the meaning of life. And girls don’t want to hear that shit either. So bring on the dancefloor stomping beats of Scottie B & King Tutt with “African Chant (Top Billin remix).”


Lily Allen Vs. General Levy

The Heatwave – “Mad LDN”

I love Lily Allen. She’s pop music for people who’ve moved out of their parent’s house. Plus her vindictive lyrics delivered in that, “girl next door” voice makes me love her that much more. Let’s not forget General Levy on this remix. He is one of the all-time kings of the dancehall. More dance-floor furry from the UK’s #1 dancehall/bashment/dancehall/DJ crew, The Heatwave.


Sexy German electro

Shila’s Bedroom Fashion – I Like Skirts (dub mix) (play)

I like skirts too. Especially with vintage cowboy boots and stockings (preferably with a run in them). Sexy. German electro group Shila’s Bedroom Fashion is making some of the dirtiest, sexiest, and nastiest electro music on the scene. Their label Katorza’s press release called it, “a pumpathon;” Sure, why not. Think DJ Icey and Kid 606 engaged in the most unruly “69” ever!

Shila’s Bedroom Fashion
“I Like Skirts” (mp3)
from “I Like Skirts – Single”
(Katorza Records)

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