There’s Always Hope. There’s Always Cabernet. Just Ask Benjamin Shaw

Allo, kittins. Your Superfan has been away. Absent. AWOL. Remiss. But I have returned, to make a few more posts to finish up another year of this labor of love. This is one for all you lo-fi dissonance lovers. Enjoy with crandberry sauce. Phoning it in from the ranch, amongst the relations. It’s good to be home.

Benjamin Shaw
“How to Test the Depth of a Well” (download mp3)
from “There’s Always Hope, There’s Always Cabernet”
“How To Test The Depth Of A Well” (play)
(Audio Antihero)
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Fighting Kites Pay Musical Tribute To “Wojtek the Bear”

Bears are good. Indie rock bands and song titles with “bear” in them are extra good. Songs about a Syrian brown bear cub found in Iran and adopted by soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps are extra super good. And that’s what we have here, by the Fighting Kites. Proggy fab instrumental weirdness, with guitars reminiscent of Tom Verlaine and Robert Fripp. Snuggly, but dangerous.

Fighting Kites
“Wojtek the Bear” (download mp3)
from “Split EP”
“Wojtek The Bear” (play)
(Audio Antihero)
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