Restiform Bodies Straddle The Great Cosmic Commercial Break

Nuther one from the old mp34u vaults. Restiform Bodies are a trip and a half running rampant in an old school game show set. You know the one, where a studio tanned blonde with ten miles of white teeth snakes her arms toward one of three stages as the announcer bellows, “a new car!” and the APPLAUSE light elicits cheers and oohs and aahs. Them were good innocent days, where cars and napalm was made in America and “tea party” meant a gathering of nice ladies with poodles. “Bobby Trendy Addendum,” ladies and gents. This are some fuktup sh!t.

Restiform Bodies
“Bobby Trendy Addendum” (download mp3)
from “TV Loves You Back”
“Bobby Trendy Addendum” (play)
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Tha Grimm Teachaz’ Long Lost Classic, “Melissa”

Here’s a true luv song from the heart, as only could be delivered by young’uns. This is hip-hop from those heady daze of 1993, when people still said “fresh” and it was fresh. ’93 was one of the greatest years in hip-hop’s evolution, when it exploded from its roots into myriad new directions. Artists did what they wanted and incorporated any style or sound that pleased them. It was fun. There was truth, discovery and playfulness in the debuts of Wu-Tang, The Roots, Souls of Mischief, The Coup, Digable Planets and others. Chicago’s Tha Grimm Teachaz might have been more than a footnote in that storied moment, if they had ever played more than one (count ’em!) one show! Yes, this is one of those lost tapes, ladies and gents. In this Superfan’s opinion, it stands the test of time.

Tha Grimm Teachaz
“Melissa” (download mp3)
from “There’s A Situation On The Homefront”
“Melissa” (play)
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Alias, I “Wanna Let It Go” Too

In the age of sitting around on laptops in yr house, making digital records as the economy flounders, good people struggle, and banks are handsomely rewarded for open and notorious crimes, one might find oneself making strange and pleasingly bleak meditations on letting go. Do ya think? Alias, on the anticon label, bleeping and blipping existentially. I diggit.

“Wanna Let It Go” (download mp3)
from “Fever Dream”
“Wanna Let It Go” (play)

Themselves as Themselves, in “Gangsters Of Disbelief”

Themselves – “Gangster Of Disbelief”

On the avant-garde side of hip-hop we find anticon’s dynamic duo Themselves carving some far out original soundz and spittin’ equally mind bending lyrical flows. “Gangster of Disbelief” is a crazy, brilliant production, featuring urgent yet controlled vocals which hypnotize from the first dubby strains of the intro to the last drop of warm synth-y goodness. Gr8 stuff.

“Gangster of Disbelief” (mp3)
from “Crownsdown”

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