Say “Ponta de lança africano – Umbabarauma”

Jorge Ben – “Ponta de lana africano – Umbabarauma”

I love the rhythm guitar riff that sets this track up and drives it along so much it drives me crazy. The vocals are magnificent, the percussion bubbling, the whole thing is intoxicating.  A seamless blend of African and Cumbia and rock styles, off the 21 year celebration/comp from David Byrne’s brilliant Luaka Bop label. So hot.

Jorge Ben
“Ponta de lança africano – Umbabarauma” (mp3)
from “Twenty First Century Twenty First Year”
(Luaka Bop)

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Sidesteppin’ to La Paloma

Sidestepper – “La Paloma”

Another sure-fire hit for the party mix! This track is packed full of so much good musical fun it’s hard to break it down, but, think post-Fela Afro-Beat horns, sweet call and answer Spanish vocals, an unstoppable beat and some dubby rhythm section work reminiscent of the best David Byrne / Brian Eno collaborations. Or you could just say this music is fresh air for the soul. Thumbs up for this outstanding record outta Bogota, Colombia. And a tip o’ the ska hat to Din for another great link.

“La Paloma” (mp3)
from “The Buena Vibra Sound System”
(Palm Pictures)

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