Bassnectar is still king

Bassnectar is a rockstar. When the intern at my office — who looks like he stepped off a Scorpions record cover — comes up to my desk asking if I like Bassnectar, you’ve reached ‘rockstar’ status. “Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix)” is the quintessential Bassnectar sound: time-stretched vocals, massive basslines, warped horn samples, all laid on a foundation of chunky beats. You know a Bassnectar song is playing because his sound doesn’t tickle you, it engulfs you.

Cozza Frenzy (Mega Bass Remix)” (play/download mp3)

Acid Crunk #7

An-ten-nea is 7 deep in his Acid Crunk EP series and his song “Hello” may be his purest expression of the techno sub-genre deviant we call ‘acid’. But that’s part of An-ten-nea’s pull, people never know what sonic moves the man is going to make, on a record or live. I will be dancing as he kills it on Halloween in San Francisco. I hope you will be having as much fun as me and my crew will be having that night.

“Hello” (download)
from “Acid Crunk EP 7”
(Muti Music)
“Hello” (play)

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Tommie Sunshine’s remix

Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Tommie Sunshine Reggacid Mix) (play/download)

Tommie Sunshine may look like you could buy weed and mushrooms from him on the corner of Haight and Asbury but don’t get it twisted. He’s one of the most prolific DJs/producers/remixers on the circuit right now. Releasing remixes from a wide selection of artist, his talents are sought from bands across all genres. Major Lazer’s 2009 hit “Hold The Line” has seen its fare share of knob tweekers, and Tommie adds his own voice in the form of the mighty 808.

Visit Tommie Sunshine on Myspace.

The zombies are coming

Ursula 1000 – “Zombies (Dj Ayers RMX)” (play/download)

When it comes to artists who ignore trends and write original electronic songs, Ursula 1000 and DJ Ayers would be two artists who come to mind. And if I had to predict what kind of techno would provide the soundtrack to an all out zombie invasion, it would be acid. “Zombies” is a classic techno lovers wet dream and I hope that when a zombie catches me and starts chewing on my brain, this song is blasting in the background.

Get all the Ursula 1000 info over on his official site.

What more can I say, Top Billin’

Scottie B and King Tutt – African Chant (Top Billin Remix)

A lot of electronic music coming out lately is way too arty and intellectual for my tastes with their aloof press photos showing the artist in their lab surrounded by a small village of sound modules and synths. I don’t know about you but when I’m at a party dancing high as a crackhead on the 1st of the month I don’t want to be thinking about the meaning of life. And girls don’t want to hear that shit either. So bring on the dancefloor stomping beats of Scottie B & King Tutt with “African Chant (Top Billin remix).”


An-ten-nae, Bay Area crunk

Freeland-Do You (An-ten-nae remix)

It’s no secret in The Bay Area who’s a major player in the club scene at the moment – An-ten-nae. Every weekend (and a few weekday nights) An-ten-nae and his crew can be found tearing up dance floors for legions of post-ravers hungry for slimy beats.

“Do You” (mp3)
from “An-ten-nae Presents Acid Crunk Vol. 2”
(Muti Music)

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Techno Tuesday! Why not?

Baobinga & I.D. – “Jersey St.”

I love the 808 acid sound. I thought that about a year ago we were going to see a revival of the old techno favorite. But, alas, dubstep’s large presence on the urban dancefloors of the world left no room for that. Baobinga & I.D.’s “Jersey St.” has the total party in the park on a Saturday afternoon vibe. And that’s exactly how I like my techno to rock. Props to Subverse for turning me on to this GR8 stuff.

Baobinga & I.D.
“Jersey St.” (mp3)
from “Big Monster”
(Fat Records)

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