Brandon Schott’s “Satellite” Orbits Til I See The Light!

It took me a few tries before I could trust this song enough to get past the first minute. As soon as someone starts “la-la-la”-ing I get suspicious. I’m really glad I tried again, because this is a real gem. Threads of George Martin-y Beatle-isms and soft-rock 70’s silliness weave a tapestry that is so damn pretty I must wrap myself in it. Brandon Schott made this record via the Internets with friends in various locations far and wide, recording drums here, another bit there. It’s a 21st century recording in that regard, while the musical style is mid-late 20th century (OMGawd I can say that now!), so much that you can almost hear the warm crackling and popping of a needle on vinyl. As for the lyric, and the sincerity of the vocal, those parts are timeless.

Brandon Schott
“Satellite” (download mp3)
from “13 Satellites”
“Satellite” (play)
(Golden State Music)
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