Surfin’ with the BEASTMEN

BEASTMEN – “Call of the Beastmen” mp3

Surf’s up! Spring has sprung. The waves are high and so are the college kids. Show some skin and hang ten, kittins, or if you’re landlocked, play this loud and close yr little peepers, it’ll do ya good. I love sun. Did I mention I love sun? Posting from Oaksterdam, in sweet sunny northern Cali, I bid you heed the “Call of the Beastmen” – at your own risk of course. This has been, your Superfan, on Superfan2010 radio free Interfun, signing off, til tomorrow my lovelies. Anyone asks, I’m at the beach.

“Call of the Beastmen” (mp3)
from “Esos Guapos Cabrones”
(Offbeat Records)

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