SuperHeavyGoatAss rocks balls

SuperHeavyGoatAss – “Lasting Kind”

One band that has really caught my attention this year is the correctly named SuperHeavyGoatAss. They play heavy metal like it’s heavy, not like a spastic speedy hair-spray and spandex fireball, but more like a seething, boiling crater of lava. To a man, SHGA are virtuoso players, and their combo work has that beyond-tight quality that happens when an artistic vision is shared passionately by everyone in a band. No surprise, I guess, for as their myspace bio points out, they recently got off a 60,000 year tour. Their songs are unpretentious yet deep, fun yet apocalyptic, original yet familiar. Long may they rock.

“Lasting Kind” (mp3)
from “60,000 Years”
(Arclight Records)

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