Mostow aka Sum-in-1’s Disco Hip-Hop Appeal

Sum-in-1 – “Anywhere (feat. Noah Lowman)” mp3

Git funky. Over a classic Chic-esque disco track, Sum-in-1 reveals a hip-hop style plea to his true love for another chance. This young artist knows something about second chances, having survived a near-fatal car crash in 2004, just as his career was starting to kick. Re-dedicating himself with a new-found appreciation for life and music, Mostow aka Sum-in-1 has a slew of new material for 2010, informed by his experiences. The music is ear-friendly and tight, behind pop-y vocal flows that come refreshingly humble and sincere. Lemonade from life’s lemons, in a big way.

“Anywhere (feat. Noah Lowman)” (mp3)
from “Anywhere”

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