Sugar is sweet, Minott is sweeter!

Sugar Minott – “Dreader Than Dread”

Anyone who knows Jamaican music knows Sugar Minott is a key figure, and has been for decades.  Apart from his extensive and highly influential discography, he’s also a top live draw, and he runs a school for the youth to learn up what he knows about music, the business, and life.  With that be enough? Thank you. A heavy weight in every regard, with music that is truthful and uplifting – a priceless combination. I’m huge fan and I’m proud to introduce you to this great artist if ya don’t know already! “Dreader Than Dread” from the “Ghetto-ology + Dub”album. Superfan sez pick it up.

Sugar Minott
“Dreader Than Dread” (mp3)
from “Ghetto-ology + Dub”

(Easy Star Records)
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