Subscript loads “Genetic Code” and it runs beautifully

Subscript – “Genetic Code” mp3

Subscript is such a perfect name for a DJ / electronic music artist / producer. In the end, a music composition is a software program, whether in the form of a score written by Bach and handed to a church organist in 1741, a piano roll reproducing the music of Scott Joplin in 1900, or a digital file, preserving in ones and zeros the work of composers and performers of every stripe today. The cerebral house rocker “Genetic Code” covers a wealth of sonic ground, subroutines running different samples and instruments, all mixed and mastered and finally downloaded as an mp3 file, to be faithfully read by our busy little CPUs and outputted as something we call music. Everything has changed. Everything is the same. Enjoy.

“Genetic Code” (mp3)
from “Genetic – EP”
(Mind Records)

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