Styles Of Beyond never gave it away, Everybody had to pay and pay..

Styles Of Beyond – “Pay Me”

In the “how do you really feel?” department: the Urban Dictionary holds that “Fuck You, Pay Me” is a “common gangsta mantra, meant to express the non-negotiability of debt.” Spawned by a quote from Goodfellas, not restricted to bites in hip-hop tracks, it’s even the title of a song by indie rawkers A.R.E. Weapons, which deals with the same juicy subject matter as this entertaining Styles Of Beyond rant: shady show promoters! The ill kind, you know, the ones who promise you money and don’t pay. They have excuses, it was this, it was that, but no, fool. The artists drove out here play to your gig, and the gas and lodging isn’t paying for itself, and you gave your word, and “fuck you, pay me.” Of course, there aren’t any songs about the honest promoters, are there? Nah. That would be boring.

Styles Of Beyond feat. Four Zone
“Pay Me” (mp3)
from “Pay Me b/w Bleach”
(Spytech Records)

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