New Spoon Album!

Spoon – “Written In Reverse”

Spoon. Spoon. Spoon! New Spoon record. NEW SPOON RECORD!!! When do I use three exclamation marks? I generally use two, when I’m really excited. Three is unprecedented. But this is, if I have not clarified, a NEW F@#$K!NG SPOON RECORD, MAN!  DAMN! All caps, when do I do that? Immediately living up to the lofty promise of earlier efforts, this single, “Written In Reverse,” from the BRAND NEW F00K!NG SPOON RECORD called “Transference” is truly gr8. I must drink some water. I must get some air. Spoon. Swoon.

“Written In Reverse” (mp3)
from “Transference”
(Arts & Crafts Mexico)

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