Spon feat. Dj El Zink Brings It Back!

Spon – “Bring It Back (feat. DJ El-Zink)” mp3

Seems a lot of hip-hop l8ly is all about “bringin’ it back.” Bringin’ back that rap. It’s a bit comical because hip-hop, younger and more vital and rapidly evolving than any other form of popular music, is the newest commercial musical genre on this wee blue planet. A kid born when Rapper’s Delight was released, is 30 years old now! Hip-hop is a baby! A big beautiful healthy one, and reports of its demise are gr8ly exaggerated. Having said that, there are a lot of cool tracks on the matter of bringin’ back the “old school” and this here is one of ’em. Spon loves hip-hop. Spon and DJ El-Zink r bringin’ it back. Really.

“Bring It Back (feat. DJ El-Zink)” (mp3)
from “Sponatola (Nature of the Beast)”
(Domination Recording, LLC)

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