Speed Dial 7 faces State Trooper thru clouds of Dope

Speed Dial 7 “State Trooper feat. Passage, Elissa P, Marcus G” mp3

Here’s a fun hip-hop track about a not-so-fun moment some of us will surely recognize. Cruisin’ the hooptie, pleasantly stoned, when suddenly, those flashing red lights and sirens and yr talkin’ to a pair of 70’s mirrored sunglasses and calling them sir. Boppin’ along at an infectious tempo, the track doesn’t sound like a terrible bummer, more like, hey, this is happening, it will pass. I mean whaddya gonna do? Tight rhymes over excellent musical tapestry o’ fun. Nice one from Speed Dial 7 on Marathon Of Dope, of course.

Speed Dial 7
“State Trooper (feat. Passage, Elissa P, Marcus Graap & Pip Skid)” (mp3)
from “Short Rich Apocalypse”
(Marathon of Dope)
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