Bullying the Bully Rappers w/ Short Fuze and Nasa

Short Fuze and Nasa – “Bully Rappers” (feat. Eleven, Passive 65ive & Karniege)” mp3

There’s no end to the myriad expositions of rappers detailing how they are better than the other rappers, and how the others suck. It’s all fun, really, as long as no one takes it way too seriously, and it provides a stage for all manner of lyrical gymnastics. I knew something was about to go down when I read the titles here – both of the song “Bully Rappers” and the album, “Lobotomy Music.” Living up to all of it, Short Fuze, Nasa, Eleven, Passive 65ive and Karniege each step up to the mic and testify over a tough beat and soothing flute tapestry. I am liking on it.

Short Fuze & Nasa
“Bully Rappers (feat. Eleven, Passive 65ive & Karniege)” (mp3)
from “Lobotomy Music”
(Uncommon Records)
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