Shannon Curtis Shines Bright on “Brightest Light in the Room”

Shannon Curtis has a record called “I play the piano and sing love songs.” This here is the title track from another record, “Brightest Light in the Room,” but I mention this because she plays piano and sings love songs, very well indeed. This lovely original ballad manages to feel utterly sweet and sincere, without feeling sappy in the least. It’s a joy to listen to, with tastefully contemporary production and inspired vocal harmonies all woven into a tidy arrangement. Quality singer-songwriter fare, which I predict will make the Pop playlist at Plenty of honey, a little sugar, no saccharine.

Shannon Curtis
“Brightest Light in the Room” (download mp3)
from “Brightest Light in the Room”
“Brightest Light In The Room” (play)
(Saint Cloud Records)
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