Sexy Robot Practice w/ Nick Andre and E da Boss

Nick Andre and E da Boss – “Robot Practice” mp3

Without Robot Practice, where would we be? WHAT would we be?! UN-PRACTICED ROBOTS! Perish the thought. This track is a bit advanced for the average humanoid. Perhaps that’s why it’s on Slept On Records. Don’t sleep on it, I say, this is good music to wiggle your antennae to, from San Francisco electronic music adventurers Nick Andre and E da Boss. In the often absurd realm of genre classifications, I can readily call this “Experimental” and “Pop.” Blurring the line between found sound collage and original source material, what emerges is a comical and cuddly invitation. Short & cute.

Nick Andre and E da Boss
“Robot Practice” (mp3)
from “Robot Practice”
(Slept On Records)

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