Selling Out the Forty Marshas

Forty Marshas – “Sold Me Out”

Funny, funny, funny. I admit, I was skeptical when I heard the first line of this, the yowling, snarling singer, yelping away like Johnny Rotten as a pissed off 14 year-old Rancid fan in the most boring suburb of America. But by the second line, I was hooked! And yes, I want to hear more so I’ll dig deeper into the jagged punk pop of Forty Marshas. Forty Marshas. Forty Marshas Brady? My goodness, that would be a thing. Or is it another Marsha? Must know, must know.. This is a Kinks cover that these Marshas hauled over the punk rock mountains.

Forty Marshas
“Sold Me Out” (mp3)
from “Forty Marshas”
(Beatville Records)

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