Schaffer The Darklord ‘splains some things to Your Band

STD” has made a lot of brilliant tracks as a solo artist since fleeing from band life in disgust. I first discovered him when a friend (also in a band, naturally) sent me a link to “Your Band” and commented that she had heard every line in the song uttered in earnest at some point, by band guys at the bar at Bottom Of The Hill (the SF club mentioned in the song, no less). Band shmoozing is a frightful business, and I guess it just ate away at our hero Schaffer until he plopped out this hilarious anti-shmooze screed. Not safe for work, this one. No. Not safe in general. But excellent. I added an “Other” category to my blog categories, just for the great otherness of this. Enjoy.

Schaffer The Darklord – “Your Band” mp3

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Author: Eric Din

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