Sarah White & The Pearls Have a Song

Sarah White & The Pearls – “We Have A Song” mp3

Here’s a real fine piece of original songwriting, by Charolottseville, VA’s lovely Sarah White. With her smoky sweet voice she tells a quiet saga of a love just beyond reach. Gr8 lyrics, nice harmonies, and a delicate drum patter like bare feet on grass. Goes on my summer chill rotation, fasho. Props to the ever-wise Antenna Farm Records for identifying and promoting this artist. They are what we used to call a “record label” in the good ol’ days, before “major labels” selected new talent by karaoke humiliation ritual. Don’t get me started =)  Sarah White & The Pearls, ladies and gents. Enjoy.

Sarah White & The Pearls
“We Have a Song” (mp3)
from “White Light”
(Antenna Farm Records)
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