San Francisco’s Luce Returns With A Winner

Luce – “The Year We’ll Have” mp3

Among a touring band’s greatest fears is to wake up one morning and find their gear van stolen. This happened to San Francisco’s Luce, not long after band leader Tom Luce’s house burned down with most of his belongings. So he did the reasonable thing. He quit. But, as the Muse is relentless for some folks, he couldn’t quit for long. Beckoned by an admiring fan base, and warm receptions to their earlier recordings, Luce reassembled themselves from scratch, to emerge with this joyously defiant statement of optimism. The unexpected vocal harmonies are delicious, and the band’s live-in-studio performance is expert, honest and unpretentious. Truly fine lemonade made from life’s lemons.

“The Year We’ll Have” (mp3)
from “The Year We’ll Have”
(Ninth Street Opus)

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