Albuquerque Rudy Boys Experiment with “Glam Trash”

The Rude Boy Experiment – “Glam Trash” mp3

Oh dear, what have we found. There are few things that float this Superfan’s boat more than that precious early 70’s collision of blues and stoned white boys with distortion boxes that came to be called Glam. Much more recently, a trio of stoned or not white boys from Albuquerque, NM, called The Rude Boy Experiment recorded a worshipful ode of lust to the female of the “Glam Trash” species, and it rocks hella. Mott the Hoople, T-Rex, Ian Hunter, New York Dolls, all that good stuff, seethes from this track like alcohol- and testosterone-polluted sweat through a half-destroyed motorcycle jacket. Filthy.

The Rudy Boy Experiment
“Glam Trash” (mp3)
from “Places”
(DSN Music)
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