Rockin’ el Reggaetón with El Rubiote

El Rubiote – “La Mangulina”

It’s hard to imagine a more hyper-contemporary form of popular music right now than reggaetón. Drawing extensively from reggae and dancehall, and merengue and cumbia, AND hip-hop and electronica, reggaetón is truly an international musical fusion. Yet the beats, up-to-the-minute digital production and (usually) Spanish rapid fire lyrics make the music instantly recognizable. To the uninitiated, it might sound like the world turned upside down and a giant party fell out. Check this amazing track by El Rubiote from the “Reggaeton Hits 2007” comp, for a taste. Seriously hot.

El Rubiote
“La Mangulina” (mp3)
from “Reggaeton Hits 2007”
(J&N Records)

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