Robert Wilkins – “That’s No Way To Get Along”

¬† Robert Wilkins was a natural when it came to blues music and playing guitar. He seemed to have such an uncanny understanding of the fundamentals that he easily experimented with blues structures and treaded into fusion territory back in the 1920‚Äôs. Wilkins was very active during the blues music scene, he tutored musicians such as Furry Lewis, Memphis Minnie and even Son House, composed a jug band to keep on par with the jug band craze of his time, and provided inspiration for future musicians such as Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones. One of his most popular songs, ‚ÄúThat‚Äôs No Way to Get Along,‚Äù is a song that makes a statement about not putting up with abusive relationships, but deeper than that, it‚Äôs a song that displays Wilkins’ artistry.

Robert Wilkins – “That’s No Way To Get Along (play/download mp3)