Robert Lockwood Jr. “I’m Gonna Train My Baby”

Feminists and those in favor of powerful women, please ignore the mildly offensive and somewhat laughable title by the talented Robert Lockwood Jr. While he would have a difficult time training his lady friends in our current culture, the way he sings the blues is timeless. With a cadence like a train chuggin’ down the tracks, vocals layering over each other, he winds through “Gonna Train My Baby‚” so eloquently that we almost forget the words. Robert Lockwood Jr. was a pioneer by being one of the first in his cadre of bluesmen, to play the electric guitar in the later 1930s. He peppered jazz into his blues, and shamelessly sang all around the Delta and later, Chicago.

Robert Lockwood Jr. – “I’m Gonna Train My Baby” (download mp3)