Rob Cantrell, Coffee and Weed Achiever

Rob Cantrell – “Coffee and Weed”

Perhaps you recall the old “Coffee Achievers” advertising campaign, which extolled the virtues of caffeine as a means of excelling and reaching your goals? Rob Cantrell has a jingle of sorts for the new breed: the Coffee and Weed Achiever. Twitching and nodding between gr8 spasms of productivity, extended bouts of staring into space, and sudden, maniacal snacking, the Coffee and Weed Achiever is an unpredictable yet generally friendly creature so long as the crucial balance is maintained between the myriad active ingredients coursing through its veins. Hey, this is fairly benign compared to most drug cocktails, but they don’t call it a hippie speedball for nothing. Approach with caution. MP3 and link to buy the whole CD from this raving nutter, plus a vidi, all below. Hours of fun. Wait, what was I doing? Oh yeah.. Publish!

Rob Cantrell
“Coffee and Weed” (mp3)
from “Keep on the Grass”
(Stellah Records)

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