Revisiting Vera Lynn’s classic “The White Cliffs of Dover”

Vera Lynn – “The White Cliffs of Dover” mp3

This is a special treat, sung by the great Vera Lynn. “(There’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover” was a hit before America entered World War II. The song, composed by a trio of English songwriters, was written to uplift the spirits of the Allies, as Nazi Germany overran much of Europe, and Great Britain was being bombed. It was a terrible time, yet this lyric rang with such calm and confident optimism, that it was embraced as a sort of anthem for better days to come. Over the White Cliffs of Dover, at the time, there were dogfights between British and German aircraft. Hence the lovely image of bluebirds replacing the war-birds, in time of peace. An extraordinary and beautiful recording.

Vera Lynn
“The White Cliffs of Dover” (mp3)
from “Vera Lynn (Unique Series)”

(Global Journey)
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